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Title Authors Pub. Year Copies Request
1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersNotbohm, Ellen; Zysk, Veronica20042Request
101 Activities for Kids in Tight SpacesKranowitz, Carol Stock19951Request
365 TV-Free Activities You Can Do With Your ChildBennett, Steve; Bennett, Ruth20021Request
A 5 is Against the Law! Social Boundaries: Straight Up! An honest guide for teens and young adultsBuron, Kari Dunn20071Request
Access and Inclusion for Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersHesmondhalgh, Matthew; Breakey, Christine20012Request
Acting Antics - A Theatrical Approach to Teaching Social Understanding to Kids an Teens with Asperger SyndromeSchneider, Cindy B.20071Request
Acting for Kids on the Autistic SpectrumWolf, Alisa M.Ed.20051Request
Activity Schedules for Children with AutismMcClannahan, Lynn E.; Krantz, Patricia J.19992Request
Adam's Alternative Sports Day - An Asperger StoryWelton, Jude20051Request
Addressing the Challenging Behavior of Children with High-Functioning Autism/Asperger Syndrome in the Classroom - A Guide for Teachers and ParentsMoyes, Rebecca20021Request
Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum A Guide to the Cognitive, Social, Physical and Transition Needs of Teenagers with ASDSicile-Kira, Chantal20061Request
A full Life with AutislmSicile-Kira, Chantal; Sicile-Kira, Jeremy20121Request
AiA Gluten and Dairy Free CookbookLe Breton, Marilyn20022Request
A is for Autism, F is for FriendKeating-Velasco, Joanna L.20071Request
All About My BrotherPeralta, Sarah20021Request
And Don't Bring JeremyLevinson, Marilyn19851Request
Andy and His Yellow FrisbeeThompson, Mary19961Request
A New Friend at SchoolLockrey-Wessel, Debbie20092Request
An Exceptional Children's Guide to Touch - Teaching Social and Physical Boundaries to KidsManasco, Hunter20121Request
Animals inTranslation Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal BehaviorGrandin, Temple & Johnson, Catherine20051Request
A Picture's Worth - PECS and Other Visual Communication Strategies in AutismBondy, Andy Ph.D; Frost, Lori M.S., CCC/SLP20021Request
Apprenticeship In ThinkingRogoff, Barbara19901Request
Aquamarine Blue 5Prince-Hughes, Dawn20021Request
Arnie and His School Tools, Simple Sensory Solutions That Build SuccessVeenendall, Jennifer20081Request
Art as an Early Intervention Tool for Children with AutislmMartin, Nicole20091Request
Art for AutismParkerson, Elissa Anne MAPC1Request
Art Therapy and AD/HD: Diagnostic and Therapeutic ApproachesStein Safran, Diane20022Request
Art Therapy with Children on the Autistic Spectrum: Beyond WordsEvans, Kathy; Dubowski, Janek20012Request
Ask and Tell: Self-Advocacy and Disclosure for People on the Autism SpectrumShore, Stephen20041Request
Asperger Download; A Guide to Help Teenage Males with Asperger Syndrome Trouble-Shoot Life's ChallengesSantomauro, Josie; Santomauro Damian20071Request
Asperger's and GirlsAttwood, Tony; Grandin, Temple20061Request
Asperger's and GirlsAttwood, Tony, Grandin, Temple20061Request
Asperger's and Self-Esteem: Insight and Hope Through Famous Role ModelsLedgin, Norm20021Request
Asperger's Huh? A Child's PerspectiveSchnurr, Rosina G.19991Request
Aspergers In Love: Couple Relationships and Family AffairsAston, Maxine20031Request
Asperger's On The JobSimone, Rudy20101Request
Asperger's SyndromeKlin, Ami; Volkmar, Fred R.;Sparrow, Sara S.20001Request
Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and ProfessionalsAttwood, Tony19981Request
Asperger's Syndrome and Adults...Is Anyone Listening?Rodman, Karen E.20031Request
Asperger's Syndrome in the Family: Redefining NormalWilley, Liane Holliday20013Request
Asperger's Syndrome (Tony Attwood)Attwood, Tony19991Request
Asperger's...What Does it Mean to Me?Faherty, Catherine20001Request
Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence - Helping Preteens and Teens Get Ready for the Real WorldBlock, Teresa PhD.20011Request
Asperger Syndrome and Bullying - Strategies and SolutionsDubin, Nick20071Request
Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions for Tantrums, Rage, and MeltdownsMyles, Brenda Smith; Southwick, John19992Request
Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term RelationshipsStanford, Ashely20031Request
Asperger Syndrome and Sensory IssuesSmith Myles, Brenda; Tapscott Cook, Katherine; Miller Nancy; Rinner Louann; Robbins, Lisa20001Request
Asperger Syndrome and the Elementary School Experience - Practical Solutions for Academic & Social DifficultiesMoore, Susan Thompson20021Request
Asperger Syndrome An Owner's Manual 2 for Older Adolescents and Adults What You, Your Parents and Friends and Your Employer Need to KnowKorin, Ellen S. M.Ed20071Request
Asperger Syndrome & Employment - Adults Speak Out about Asperger SyndromeEdmonds, Genevieve; Beardon, Luke20081Request
Asperger Syndrome Employment WorkbookMeyer, Roger N.20012Request
Asperger Syndrome in Adolescence: Living with the Ups and Downs and Things in BetweenWilley, Liane Holliday20031Request
Asperger Syndrome: The Universe and EverythingHall, Kenneth20012Request
A "Strange" Among Us - Hiring In-Home Support for a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders or Other Neurological DifferencesLieberman, Lisa Ackerson, MSW, LCSW20051Request
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderConcept Media1Request
Autism, Advocates, and Law Enforcement ProfessionalsDebbaudt, Dennis20022Request
Autism and Applied Behavioral AnalysisABC News20011Request
Autism and Asperger SyndromeFrith, Uta19911Request
Autism and Employment - Raising your Child With Foundational Skills for The FutureTew, Lisa; CCC-SLP; Zajac, Diane, LMSW20181Request
Autism And PlayBeyer, Jannik; Gammeltoft, Lone20002Request
Autism and Sensing: The Unlost InstinctWilliams, Donna19982Request
Autism An Inside-Out ApproachWilliams, Donna19961Request
Autism: An Inside-Out ApproachWilliams, Donna19961Request
Autism-Asperger's & Sexuality, Puberty and BeyondNewport, Jerry; Newport Mary20021Request
Autism Aspergers: Solving The Relationship PuzzleGutstein, Steven E.20001Request
Autism Book - Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions, TheRobledo, S. Jhoanna; Ham-Kucharski, Dawn20051Request
Autism Caring for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders - A Resource Toolkit for CliniciansAmerican Academy of Pediatrics20081Request
Autism Encyclopedia, TheNeisworth, John T.; Wolfe, Pamela S.20051Request
Autism: Identification, Education, and TreatmentBerkell Zager, Dianne19991Request
Autism Is A WorldCNN Productions20041Request
Autism Is Not A Life Sentence - How One Family Took On Autism and WONSummers, Lynley20061Request
Autism Society of America's 38th National Conference20071Request
Autism Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know About Diagnosis, Treatment, Coping, and HealingExkorn, Karen Siff20051Request
Autism Speaks to You from a Teacher's Point of View - A handbook for parentsWilliams, Ethel20101Request
Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disabilities, and the Criminal Justice System - Breaking the CycleDubin, Nick20211Request
Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Transactional Developmental PerspectiveWetherby, Amy M; Prizant, Barry M.20001Request
Autism Spectrum Disorders The Complete Guide to Understanding Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and other ASDsSicile-Kira, Chantal20042Request
Autism Spectrum Disorders & the SCERTS Model (DVD)Prizant, Barry M.20041Request
Autism/Teaching Does Make A DifferenceScheuermann, Brenda; Webber, Jo20021Request
Autism: The Hidden EpidemicAutism Speaks; IMUS in the Morning; NBC; Telemundo Special20051Request
Autism & The New Law: Resources for Treatment. Hope for a CureEdvantage1Request
Autism: The Search for CoherenceRicher, John; Coates, Sheila20012Request
Autism Through A Sister's EyesBand, Eva B.; Hecht, Emily20011Request
Autistic ThinkingVermeulen, Peter20012Request
Baby SignsAcredolo, Linda; Goodwyn, Susan20021Request
Because We Can Change The World: A Practical Guide to Building Cooperative, Inclusive Classroom CommunitiesSapon-Shevin, Mara19991Request
Becoming Remarkably Able - Waling the Path to Talents, Interests, and Personal Growth for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related DisabilitiesTurnbull, Ann20071Request
Behavioral Concerns and Autistic Spectrum DisordersClements, John; Zarkowska, Ewa20002Request
Behavioral Intervention For Young Children with Autism: A Manual for Parents and ProfessionalsMaurice, Catherine; Green, Gina; Luce, Stephen19961Request
Beyond the Autism DiagnosisO'Brien; Daggett, Julie A.20061Request
Beyond the Curriculum: How responsive Relationships and Thoughtful teaching Enhance Quality CareClarie C. Bainer, M.A, Amy clough, M.A, and Gail Myers, M.A20031Request
Beyond The Wall: Personal Experiences with Autism and Asperger SyndromeShore, Stephen20031Request
Biological Treatments for Autism and PDDShaw20021Request
Blue Bottle Mystery: An Asperger AdventureHoopman, Kathy20012Request
Boardmaker (Windows v.6) CD & User GuideMayer-Johnson20076Request
Bobby and Mandee's Don't Hide AbuseKahn, Robert20111Request
Bobby and Mandee's Good Touch Bad TouchKahn, Robert20111Request
Bobby and Mandee's Too Safe for StrangersKahn, Robert20011Request
Bobby and Mandee's Too Smart for BulliesKahn, Robert & Chander, Sharon20011Request
Born on a Blue DayTammet, Daniel20061Request
Breaking Autism's Barriers: A Father's StoryDavis, Bill20012Request
Bright Splinters of the Mind: Personal research story with Autistic SavantsHermelin, Beate20012Request
Building Learning Communities in CyberspacePalloff, Rena M.; Pratt, Keith19994Request
Building Social Relationships: A Systematic Approach to Teaching Social Interaction Skills to Children and Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Social Difficulties ? Instructor ManualBellini, Scott Ph.D.20082Request
Building Social Relationships: A Systematic Approach to Teaching Social Interaction Skills to Children and Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Social Difficulties ? Textbook EditionBellini, Scott, Ph.D.20082Request
Building Social Relationships CD-RomBellini, Scott Ph.D.20081Request
Can I tell you about Asperger Syndrome? A guide for friends and familyWelton, Jude20041Request
Can't Eat, Won't Eat: Dietary Difficulties & Autistic Spectrum DisordersLegge, Brenda20022Request
Caring for a Child with Autism: A Practical Guide for ParentsIves, Martine; Munro, Nell20022Request
Changed by a ChildBarbara Gill19971Request
Changing the Course of Autism - A Scientific Approach for Parents and PhysiciansJepson, Bryan, M.D.20071Request
Chicken Soup for the Soul - Raising Kids on the SpectrumLanda, Rebecca; Marsden, Mary Beth, Burrows, Nancy, Newmark, Amy20131Request
Childhood Speech, Language & Listening Problems ? What Every Parent Should KnowHamaguchi, Patricia McAleer19951Request
Child Maltreatment, Part 1: Neglect and Sexual AbuseConcept Media1Request
Child Maltreatment, Part II Psychological & Physical AbuseConcept Media1Request
Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome - Strategies for Success in Inclusive SettingsMyles, Brenda Smith20051Request
Children with Starving Brains; A Medical Treatment Guide for Autism Spectrum DisorderMcCandless, Jaquelyn MD20021Request
Children, Youth and Adults with Asperger Syndrome: Integrating Multiple PerspectivesStoddard, Kevin P.20051Request
Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs ? 13th EditionBezchlibnyk-Butler, Kalyna Z.; Jeffries, J. Joel20031Request
Coach In the KitchenGill, Penny20091Request
Communication Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Do We Speak The Same Language?Bogdashina, Olga20051Request
Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome, TheAttwood, Tony20071Request
Connecting with Others - Lessons for Teaching Social And Emotional Competence Grades K-12Richardson, Rita C.19961Request
Cooking for BeginnersDenny, Roz; Watt, Fiona1Request
Could It Be Autism? A Parent's Guide To The First Signs and Next StepsWiseman, Nancy20061Request
Cradle of Thought: Exploring the Origins of Thinking, TheHobson, Peter20021Request
Creative Coping Skills for Children - Emotional Support through arts and crafts activitiesThomas, Bonnie20091Request
Creative Theray for Children with Autism, ADD, & AspergersTubbs, Janet20081Request
Critical Rationalism and Educational DiscourseZecha, Gerhard19991Request
Culturally Proficient Instruction: A Guide for People Who TeachRobins, Nuri; Kikanza, et al.20021Request
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, TheHaddon, Mark20034Request
Dance of Defiance, The: A Mother and Son Journey with Oppositional Defiant DisorderHagener, Nancy A.20051Request
Dancing Dialogue, TheTortora, Suzi20061Request
Dangerous Encounters: Avoiding Perilous Situations with AutismDavis, Bill; Goldband Schunick, Wendy20022Request
Daniel Isn't TalkingLeimbach, Marti20061Request
Dear Charlie A guide for living your life with AutismMartin, Jr. Earle P19991Request
Designing a New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Series on Assessment)Marzano, Robert J.20011Request
Designing Comprehensive Interventions for Individuals with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome: The Ziggurat Model ? CD-RomAspy, Ruth, Ph.D; Grossman, Barry G., Ph.D.20081Request
Designing Comprehensive Interventions for Individuals with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome: The Ziggurat Model ? Instruction ManualAspy, Ruth, Ph.D.; Grossman, Barry G., Ph.D.20081Request
Designing Comprehensive Interventions for Individuals with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome: The Ziggurat Model ? Textbook EditionAspy, Ruth, Ph.D., Grossman, Barry G. Ph.D.20081Request
Developing a Teaching PortfolioBullock, Ann Adams; Hawk, Parmalee P.20012Request
Developing Grading and Reporting Systems for Student Learning (Series)Guskey, Thomas R.; Bailey, Jane M.20011Request
Developing Leisure Time Skills for Persons with Autism - A Practical Approach for Home School and CommunityCoyne, Patricia; Nyberg, Colleen; Vandenburg, Mary Lou19991Request
Developing Mind: How Relationships and The Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are, TheSiegel, Daniel J.19991Request
Developing Staff Competencies for Supporting People with Developmental DisabilitiesGardner, James F., Chapman, Michael S.19931Request
Developing TalentsGrandin, Temple; Duffy, Kate20041Request
Developing Talents - Careers for Individuals with Asperger Sy ndrome and High-Functioning AutismGrandin, Temple; Duffy, Kate20081Request
Developing Through Relationships: Origins of Communication, Self and CultureFogel, Alan19931Request
Developmental Coordination DisorderBall, Morven F.20023Request
Diagnosis Autism: Now What?Kaplan, Lawrence, Burstein, MD20051Request
Dialogue of Love, TheHedenbro, Monica; HSM Media1Request
Diet Intervention and Autism: A Practical Guide for ParentsLe Breton, Marilyn20022Request
Different Kind of Boy, AMont, Daniel20022Request
Different Like Me, My book of autism heroesElder, Jennifer20061Request
Different...Not LessGrandin, Temple, PhD20121Request
Discovering My Autism: Apologia Pro Vita SuaSchneider, Edgar19992Request
Do Watch Listen Say: Social and Community Intervention for ChildrenQuill, Kathleen Ann20006Request
Early Start for Young Children with Autism/PDD: Practical InterventionsMcConnell, Kathleen; Ryser, Gail20061Request
Eating an ArtichokeFling, Echo R.20002Request
Educating Children with AutismNational Research Council20015Request
Effects of DivorceConcept Media1Request
Emergence: Labled AutisticGrandin, Temple; Scariano, Margaret M.19861Request
Emotional Development: The Organization of Emotional Life In The Early YearsSroufe, L. Alan19951Request
Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning DisabilityFast, Yvona20041Request
Enabling Communication in Children with AutismPotter, Carol; Whittaker, Chris20012Request
Engaging Autism Using the Floortime Approach to Help Children Relate, Commnicate and ThinkGreenspan, Stanley M.D., Weider, Serena Ph.D.20061Request
Essential Assessment Concepts For Teachers and Administrators (Series)McMillan, James H.20011Request
Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Asperger's Syndrome, TheStillman, William20051Request
Evidence of Harm, Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical ControversyKirby, David20051Request
Exiting Nirvana: A Daughter?s Life with AutismPark, Clara Claiborn20011Request
Exploring Socio-Cultural Themes in EducationStrouse, Joan H.20012Request
Explosive Child A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children, TheGreene, Ross W.20051Request
Facing Autism: Giving Parents Reasons for Hope and Guidance for HelpHamilton, Lynn M.20001Request
Faculty Guide For Moving Teaching And Learning To The WebBoettcher, Judith V.; Conrad, Rita-Marie19998Request
Families, Schools, and CommunitiesBarbour, Chandler; Barbour, Nita H.20011Request
Fidget to Focus - Outwit your Boredom: Sensory Strategies for Living with ADDRotz, Roland, PhD, Wright, Sarah D., M.S. A.C.T.20051Request
Finding Out About Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and PPDGerland, Gunilla20002Request
First Relationship, The: Infant and MotherStern, Daniel N.19771Request
Freaks, Geeks, & Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to AdolescenceJackson, Luke20021Request
Freeing Your Child From Obsessive Compulsive DisorderChansky, Tamar E., Ph.D20001Request
Friday Night After the Movies - DVDOUCARES Film Camp 201020102Request
Friendships & Community Connections between People with and without Developmental DisabilitiesAmado, Angela Novak19931Request
From Thoughts to Obsessions: OCDThomsen, Per Hove19992Request
From Yuck to YumHughes, Kathy OTR20061Request
Front of the Class - How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never HadCohen, Brad, Wysocky, Lisa20051Request
Functinal Behavior Assessment for People with AutismGlasberg, Beth A. Ph.D.20061Request
Functional Emotional Assessment Scale (FEAS)Greenspan, Stanley; DeGangi, Georgia; Wiede, S.20015Request
Fundraising for A Personal CauseCole, Stephanie2Request
Getting Services for your Child on the Autism SpectrumHyatt-Foley, DeAnn; Foley, Matthew G.20022Request
Getting Your Kid on a Gluten-Free Casein-Free DietLord, Susan20091Request
Girls Growing Up on the Autism SpectrumNichols, Shana20091Request
Girls Under the Umbrella of Autism Specrum Disorders - Practical Solutions for Addressing Everday ChallengesWilley, Liane Holliday20071Request
Goal Digger Click & Easy IEP Goals and Objectives CD for windowsCahill, Donald; Cahill Maureen20021Request
Goal Mine, The - Nuggets of Learning Goals and Objectives for Exceptional ChildrenCahill, Donald, Cahill Maureen20031Request
Going to the Heart of Autism: The Relationship Development Intervention ProgramGutstein, Steven1Request
Growing Through Play; Cognitive and Social DevelopmentsBainer, Claire C; Copenhagen, Anne; Myers, Gail20031Request
Growing Up on the Spectrum - A guide to life, love, and learning for teens and young adults with Autism and AspergersKoegel, Lynn Kern, Ph.D.; LaZebnik, Claire20091Request
Growing Up Severly Autistic: They Call Me GabrielRankin, Kate20002Request
Guide to Asperger Syndrome, AGillberg, Christopher20021Request
Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental DisordersCohen, Donald J.; Volkmar, Fred R.19971Request
Handbook of Autism & Pervasive Developmental Disorders Volume Two - Assessment, Interventions, and PolicyVolkmar, Fred; Paul, Rhea; Klin, Ami; Cohen, Donald20052Request
Handbook of Autism & Pervasive Development Disorders Volume 1 Diagnosis, Development, Neurobiology, and BehaviorVolkmar, Fred; Paul, Rhea; Klin, Ami; Cohen, Donald20052Request
Hand Made Love: A Guide for Teaching About Male Masturbation Through Understanding and Video - GUIDEBOOKHingsburger, Dave20121Request
Hand Made Love: A Guide for Teaching About Male Masturbation Through Understanding & Video DVDHingsburger, Dave20121Request
Heads Up Helping!! Teaching Tips and Techniques for Working with ADD, ADHD, and Other Children with ChallengesBoring, Melinda20021Request
Healing the New Childhood Epidemics - Autism, ADHD, Asthma and AllergiesBock, Kenneth M.D.; Stauth, Cameron20072Request
Healthcare for Children on the Autism Spectrum - A Guide to Medical, Nutritional, and Behavioral Issuesvolkmar, Fred R., Wiesner, Lisa A. M.D.20041Request
Helping People with a Learning Disability: Explore ChoiceJackson, Eve; Jackson, Neil19992Request
Helping People with a Learning Disability: Explore RelationshipsJackson, Eve; Jackson, Neil19992Request
Hidden Curriculum; Practical Solutions for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social SituationsMyles, Brenda Smith; Trautman, Melissa L.; Schelvan, Ronda L.2Request
Higher Functioning Adolescents and Young Adults with AutismFullerton; Stratton; Coyne; Gray19961Request
High-Functioning Individuals with AutismSchopler, Eric, Mesibov, Gary B.19921Request
Hitchhiking through Asperger SyndromePyles, Lise20022Request
Holistic Accountability (Series on Assessment)Reeves, Douglas B.20021Request
Home Educating Our Autistic Spectrum ChildrenDowty, Terri; Cowlishaw, Kitt20022Request
Hopes and Dreams An IEP Guide for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersLentz, Kirby20041Request
How Does Your Engine Run? A Leader's Guide to The Alert Program for Self RegulationWilliams, Mary Sue, Shellenberg, Sherry19961Request
How Do I Teach This Kid? -Visual Work Tasks for Beginning Learners on the Autism SpectrumHenry, Kimberly A.20051Request
How the Special Needs Brain LearnsSousa, David A.20011Request
How To Be A Parapro: Comprehensive Training Manual for ParaprosTwachtman-Cullen, Diane20001Request
How To Discipline Without Feeling Guilty: Assertive Relationships with ChildrenSiberman, Melvin L.; Wheelan, Susan A.19801Request
How to Draw & Paint AnimalsFoster, Walter19891Request
How to Find Work That Works for People with Asperger SyndromeHawkins, Gail20041Request
Human Exceptionality School, Community, and Family (8th Edition)Hardman, Michael L; Drew, Clifford J.; Egan, M. Winston19841Request
I Am Special: Introducing Children and Young People to their AutismVermeulen, Peter20002Request
I Am Utterly UniqueLarson, Marie20061Request
Ian's Walk A Story About AutismLears, Laurie19981Request
I Can Draw PeopleGibson, Ray1Request
ICDL: Case 10: a 2 year old boyGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 11: a 6 year old boyGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 12: a 5 year old girlGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 1: a 3 year old boyGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 2: a 4 1/2 year old boyGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 3: a 4 year old boyGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 4: a 5 year, 3 month girlGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 5: a 5 year old boyGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 6: a 5 year old boyGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 7: a 3 year old boyGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 8: a 22 month old boyGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Case 9: a 4 year old boyGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
ICDL: Clinical Practice GuidelinesICDL20001Request
ICDL: Floor Time Techniques and the DIR ModelGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena2Request
ICDL: The DIR ModelGreenspan, Stanley I.; Wieder, Serena1Request
Implementing Student-Led ConferencesBailey, Jane M.; Guskey, Thomas R.20011Request
Improving Education: Realist Approaches to Method and ResearchSwann, Joanna; Pratt, John19991Request
Inclusive Elementary Schools: Recipes for SuccessFisher, Douglas; Frey, Nancy; Sax. Caren20041Request
Incredible 5-Point Scale Assisting students with autism spectrum disorders in understanding social interactions and controlling their emotionsBuron, Kari Dunn; Curtis Mitzi20041Request
Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food for KidsSanderson, Sheri20021Request
Infant's World, The (The Developing Child Series)Rochat, Philippe20011Request
In His Shoes - A Short Journey Thourgh AutismKeating-Velasco, Joanna L.20081Request
Initiations and Interactions: Early Intervention Techniques for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersCardon, Teresa A., M.A., CCC-SLP20071Request
Intricate Minds III - Understanding Elementary School Classmates Who Think DifferentlyCoulter Video1Request
Intricate Minds II -Understanding Elementary School Classmates with Asperger SyndromeCoulter Video20051Request
Intricate Minds -Understanding Classmates with Asperger SyndromeCoulter Video20051Request
Introduction to Pecs: The Picture Exchange Communication SystemFrost, Lori; Bondy, Andy20001Request
Is This Your Child? Discovering and Treating Unrecognized Allergies in Children and AdultsRapp, Doris, M.D.19911Request
I've Got A FeelingReeder, Stephanie Owen20101Request
Jr. Apprentice, TheJoey Travolta's Short Film Camp & Bluth Enterprises Inc.20062Request
Just Take A Bite; Easy, Effective Answers to Food Aversions & Eating Challenges!Ernsperger, Lori; Stegen-Hanson, Tania20041Request
Keys to Success for Teaching Students with AutismErnsperger, Lori20021Request
Kids Draw AnimalsHart, Christopher20031Request
Large-Scale Assessment (Series on Assessment)Kifer, Edward20011Request
Late-Talking ChildrenSowell, Thomas19971Request
Learning As We Grow - Enriching Education for Students with Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental DisordersBeurkens, Nicole; Roon, Erin; Kowalczyk, Courtney20091Request
Learning to live with High Functioning Autism: A Parent's GuideStanton, Mike20012Request
Lesiure Education Program Materials for Persons with Developmental DisabilitiesJoswiak, Kenneth F.19891Request
Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph Over AutismMaurice, Catherine19931Request
Let's Talk Emotions - Helping Children with Social Cognitive Deficits, Including AS, HFA, and NVLD, Learn to Understand and Express Empathy and EmotionsCardon, Teresa M.A., CCC-SLP20041Request
Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic AdultsZaks, Zosia20061Request
Life Journey Through Autism: A Guide for Transition to AdulthoodDanya International, Inc; OAR, SARRC20062Request
Life Skills Activities for Special ChildrenMannix. Darlene19921Request
Life with a Partner or Spouse with Asperger Syndrome: Going ove the Edge?Marshack, Kathy Ph.D.20091Request
Like Colour to the Blind: Soul Searching and Soul FindingWilliams, Donna19992Request
Little RainmanSimmons, Karen L.19961Request
Living in the Spectrum - Volume 1 Autism & Asperger'sMindscape Productions, L.L.C20043Request
Living with ADHD/Autism, Living Without DrugsEmpress Cindy20151Request
Living with Genetic Syndromes Associated with Intellectual DisabilityHogenboom, Marga20012Request
Look Me In The Eye - My Life with Asperger'sRobison, John Elder20071Request
Making A Difference: Behavioral Intervention for AutismMaurice, Catherine; Green, Gina; Foxx, Richard20011Request
Making a Good Brain GreatAmen, Daniel G.20051Request
Making Sense of My World Part 1 (1-3 months)Child Development Media, Inc- Babysense (Pty) Ltd1Request
Making Sense of My World Part 2 (3-6months)Child Development Media, Inc. - Babysense (Pty) Ltd.1Request
Making Sense of My World Part 3 ( 6-9 months)Child Development Media, Inc1Request
Making Sense of My World Part 4 ( 9-12 months)Child Development Media, Inc - Babysense (Pty) Ltd1Request
Making Visual Supports Work in the Home and CommunitySavner, Jennifer; Myles, Brenda Smith20001Request
Manners For The Real World Basic Social SkillsCoulter Video20041Request
Meaningful DifferencesHart, Betty; Risley, Todd R.19951Request
Meeting & Understanding People - How to develop competence in social situations and expand social skillsKleinke, Chris L.19861Request
Mental Health Aspects of Autism and Asperger SyndromeGhaziuddin, Mohammad20051Request
Model Me Kids - Job Skills - Ages 15-21Model Me Kids Inc 20162016Request
More New Games!Fluegelman, Andrew19811Request
More New Games!Fluegelman, Andrew19811Request
More Than Little Professors - Children WIth Asperger Syndrome in Their Own WordsMann, Lisa Barrett, M.S. Ed.20081Request
More Than Words ? Helping Parents Promote Communication and Social Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderSussman, Fern19991Request
Music Therapy - Another path to learning & communication for children on the autism spectrumKing, Betsey, MMT,MT-BC20041Request
Music Therapy, Sensory Integration and the Autistic ChildBerger, Dorita S.20021Request
My Anxous Mind - A Teens Guide to Managing Anxiety and PanicTompkins, MIchael, PhD; Martinez, katherine, PsyD20101Request
My Best Friend GoldiBergman, Alair Laree20101Request
My Best Friend WillLowell, Jaime; Tuchel, Tara20051Request
My Friend with AutismBishop, Beverly20021Request
My Life on the Autism SpectrumTracey Cohen20201Request
My Social Stories BookGray, Carol; White, Abbie Leigh20022Request
My Strange and Terrible MaladyBristow, Catherine20081Request
New Social Story Book, TheGray, Carol19941Request
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What's Happenning to Me? Boys EditionFrith, Alex20061Request
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