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Title: Asperger's Syndrome
Author(s): Klin, Ami; Volkmar, Fred R.;Sparrow, Sara S.
Published: 2000
Copies: 1
Summary: "Asperger syndrome (AS) is a serious and chronic neurodevelopmental disorder which is presently defined by social deficits of the type seen in autism, restricted interests..."
Parent Comments: Let me start off by saying that if you are not that familar with Asperger's Syndrome, this book is probably not your best place to start. Not only does it read like a medical journal, but is actually a collection of various medical journal articles on Asperger's Syndrome. However, having said that, I would be remiss if I did not recommend this book. It is probably the most comprehensive book on Asperger's Syndrome that exists today. Highly respected scholars Fred Volkmar, Ami Klin and and Sara Sparrow have done a fantastic job in compiling articles that cover a wide range of topics: From neuropsychological functioning, motor functioning, social Language abilties, assessment, treatment, outcome, Nonverbal Learning Disorders, and some parent essays. Perhaps the editors should have looked a little harder to find some actual Aspies to participate as I feel that would have added another dimension that is missing from this book. Overall, I would say that if you work with this population, this is a book you cannot live without. Nick Dubin M.A ED

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