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Title: Adam's Alternative Sports Day - An Asperger Story
Author(s): Welton, Jude
Published: 2005
Copies: 1
Summary: Nine-year-old Adam dreads Sports Day - he usually comes last in the race and never gets chosen for the team events. So he is delighted when Mr. Williams, the head teacher, announces that this year there will be an Alternative Sports Day with some very different challenges. There will be quizzes, riddles to solve, and a treasure hunt - all the things that Adam enjoys. At last he'll have a chance of winning something. But as the competition runs high, how will Adam feel if his best friend Josie beats him to the Challenge Cup? And what will they do when they discover that James, the new boy in the class, is cheating? A fun and absorbing children's story, Adam's Alternative Sports Day also offers insights into how a child with Asperger Syndrome copes with the ups and downs and everyday challenges of school. Reading level ages 4-9 years

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