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Title: More Than Little Professors - Children WIth Asperger Syndrome in Their Own Words
Author(s): Mann, Lisa Barrett, M.S. Ed.
Published: 2008
Copies: 1
Summary: This collection of quotes, stories, poems, and essays from children with Asperger Syndrome, ages 2-17, offers us a glimpse into their daily lives, relationships, challenges, and victories, from their own perspective. Twenty years ago, only a few academics even knew the term Asperger Syndrome. Today, this high functioning autism spectrum disorder is one of the most rapidly growing diagnoses among school children. Unfortunately, while the American public s awareness of this disorder is also growing, their understanding of it is lagging behind. Journalists tend to focus on the most heart-wrenching cases. Popular television shows exaggerate (or even make up) symptoms for comedic effect. And the average person on the street, if asked about Asperger Syndrome, is still most likely to reply Oh yeah, isn t that like Rain Man? The truth is, most kids with Asperger Syndrome are intelligent and very verbal, but have challenges in social skills and certain facets of communication. Many have special interests that they study intensely and like to lecture on. But these children also vary tremendously. They are amazing, loving, complicated individuals far more than cookie-cutter little professors. In More Than Little Professors, parent and Asperger s specialist Lisa Barrett Mann, M.S.Ed., leads us through the children s works, explaining common characteristics of this autism spectrum disorder, and sharing her unique insight on life with these sometimes baffling, but always fascinating children and youths.

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