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Title: In His Shoes - A Short Journey Thourgh Autism
Author(s): Keating-Velasco, Joanna L.
Published: 2008
Copies: 1
Summary: Imagine spending a year in middle school without being able to talk with friends or understand the concept of hanging out. Joanna Keating-Velasco s In His Shoes - A Short Journey Through Autism gives readers an opportunity to follow Nicholas Hansen, a 13-year-old boy with autism, as he transitions to middle school and faces all kinds of new experiences new teachers, new friends, sounds and smells. But there s more to live then school. Accompany Nick to the beach, the mall, his birthday party, a track meet and his first school dance. As we view the world through Nick s eyes, we soon realize that, despite his challenges in many areas, particularly communication, his everyday life is very similar to that of other kids his age. In His Shoes offers a valuable tool for classrooms, community groups and families to promote discussions about life on the autism spectrum. Through a series of Points to Ponder after each chapter, young readers learn ways to offer support and encouragement to individuals with autism disorders and similar challenges. This book is great for students ages 11-15.

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