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Title: Sexuality Your Sons and Daughters with Intellectual Disabilities
Author(s): Melberg, Karin Schwier; Hingsburger, Dave
Published: 2000
Copies: 1
Summary: Parents have a key role in making sure their child develops healthy sexuality, that sense of self and confidence that helps make us all well-adjusted and strong individuals. In this touching and lively book, you'll learn how to interact with your children - no matter their age or ability - in a way that increases self-esteem, encourages appropriate behavior, empowers them to recognize and respond to abuse, and enables them to develop life long relationships. Parents share with you the joys and challenges of raising a child with an intellectual disability as they offer you helpful advice and practical strategies. And you'll hear individuals with intellectual disabilities explain what's important to them. Let authors Karin Melberg Schwier and Dave Hingsburger show you, in this inspiring book, how to accomplish one of the most significant tasks every parent faces - raising a proud and confident son or daughter.

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