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Title: Activity Schedules for Children with Autism
Author(s): McClannahan, Lynn E.; Krantz, Patricia J.
Published: 1999
Copies: 2
Summary: Activity schedules--simple, yet revolutionary teaching tools--enable children with autism to accomplish activities with greatly reduced adult supervision. An activity schedule is a set of pictures or words that cues a child to engage in a sequence of activities. When activity schedules are mastered, children are more self-directed and purposeful in their home, school, and leisure activities--doing puzzles, interacting with classmates, and preparing food with minimal assistance from adults. In this book, parents and professionals will find detailed instructions and examples to help them: Assess a child's readiness to use activity schedules Prepare a first photographic activity schedule Understand how to use graduated guidance as a teaching tool Monitor progress Introduce new elements such as choice and use of timers Expand social skills Progress to written schedules

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