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Title: Building Social Relationships CD-Rom
Author(s): Bellini, Scott Ph.D.
Published: 2008
Copies: 1
Summary: Features on the CD-Rom Chapter Power Point Presentations ? Text-based Power Point presentations high-light the main points of each chapter. Instructors may add the slide design of their choice. Power Point slides are reproducible for education purposes in an instructor?s course only. Chapter Tests ? Printable tests are included for each chapter. Instructors may modify these as they wish. The tests may be shared with students (a) as a self-check of their knowledge and understanding of a chapter?s material, (b) as a study guide, or (c) as an in-class test or quiz. Tests are reproducible for educational purposes in an instructor?s course only. Comprehensive Exam ? The comprehensive exam largely includes short-answers questions designed to evaluate students? overall understanding of the material that comprises the Five-Step Model for Social Skills Programming presented in the textbook. Instructors may modify the exam as they wish. The exam may be reproduced for educational purposes in an instructor?s course only.

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