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Title: I've Got A Feeling
Author(s): Reeder, Stephanie Owen
Published: 2010
Copies: 1
Summary: I've Got a Feeling is a beautifully crafted book with adorable retro-style illustrations that really pack an emotional punch. You can't help but smile or laugh or wince when you lift the flap on each page to reveal the face of a child in full emotional flight. The author covers the gamut of emotions from grumpy to proud, excited to bored. She gives verbal emotional cues on each page and a tempting flap-covered peek at the face of a child experiencing said emotions. Then she asks the reader "How do I feel?" before little fingers grasp to flip open the flap and reveal all. Owen Reeder complements her pictures with well-chosen prose, providing helpful adjectives for each emotion (excited: squealing, chanting, clapping) that will also extend vocabularly and creative thinking.

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