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Title: Art Therapy with Children on the Autistic Spectrum: Beyond Words
Author(s): Evans, Kathy; Dubowski, Janek
Published: 2001
Copies: 2
Summary: "Art Therapy with Children on the Autistic Spectrum presents a new model of intervention, which focuses primarily on the communication and imagination difficulties experienced by many children with autism. The authors describe how negative behaviours and subsequent tension may be alleviated when the autistic child is involved in interactive art making with the therapist. They challenge existing methods within art therapy and explore the most appropriate approaches to treating autistic children. They also analyse methodology and assessment interventions, as well as the ongoing developments of appropriate assessment instruments." "Drawn from their extensive experience in child and infant psychology, the authors present a range of case studies of art therapy with individual autistic children to demonstrate the use of practical interventions and the outcomes. This book will be of interest to all specialists in communication disorders, and in particular to professionals working with autistic children."--BOOK JACKET.

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