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Title: How the Special Needs Brain Learns
Author(s): Sousa, David A.
Published: 2001
Copies: 1
Summary: Now from the author of the best-selling How the Brain Learns comes a new book dealing with special needs students. How the Special Needs Brain Learns helps you turn research on the brain function of students with various learning challenges into practical classroom activities and strategies. David Sousa shows how the brain processes information and examines both simple and complex learning strategies that can be adapted and taught to your students. The first step for students with learning disabilities is helping them to build self-esteem by teaching them how to work in groups and giving them strategies for engagement and retention. This book focuses on the most common challenges to learning for many students, especially for those who are often the first candidates for special education referral, and emphasizes lifelong independent learning, increased retention, and cognitive flexibility for all.

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