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Title: Meeting & Understanding People - How to develop competence in social situations and expand social skills
Author(s): Kleinke, Chris L.
Published: 1986
Copies: 1
Summary: From back cover: How do we form impressions of others from their physical appearance? How do we interpret their verbal and nonverbal behavior? MEETING AND UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE takes the wealth of research findings psychologists have compiled on these subjects and presents them in a fascinating often humorous, and always readable form. -How to tolerate rejection. -How to make a good impression. -How to gain good will and cooperation. -How to understand and deal with loneliness and shyness. These are just some of the many questions addressed in this practical guide on how we meet people and present ourselves in a successful manner. The author explains the bias toward physical attractiveness in our society and explores the messages we communicate with gestures, facial expressions, body language, and eye contact. He provides an up-to-date, comprehensive treatment of attribution theories and offers the reader valuable knowledge concerning the common fallacies and prejudices that are manifest when people make judgments about one another.

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