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Title: Healthcare for Children on the Autism Spectrum - A Guide to Medical, Nutritional, and Behavioral Issues
Author(s): volkmar, Fred R., Wiesner, Lisa A. M.D.
Published: 2004
Copies: 1
Summary: From the Publisher Parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are in constant need of information about every aspect of their child's development. Now the task of understanding and managing their child's general health and medical care is made much easier with Healthcare for Children on the Autism Spectrum -- the first book for parents to focus on this important subject. While a child with autism can be as healthy as any other, autism creates challenges, such as sensory issues and communication difficulties, that become a factor when considering almost all healthcare decisions. Dr. Volkmar, a leading authority on autism and director of the Developmental Disabilities Clinic and Research Program at the Yale University Child Study Center, and Dr. Wiesner, a pediatrician with a special interest in the field, offer parents and healthcare providers accessible, comprehensive information on a wide array of medical, nutritional, and behavioral concerns. Parents can find answers to help them understand symptoms and behaviors, guidelines to evaluate medications and alternative therapies, and tips to make doctor and dentist visits more manageable. There is also useful advice on how to forge a strong parent-doctor partnership, which is the cornerstone to any child's good health. This is an essential medical reference for all families, no matter where their child may fall on the autism spectrum.

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