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Title: Quinn at School
Author(s): Warren, Rick H.
Published: 2011
Copies: 1
Summary: Early diagnosis and early intervention are both important factors in the lifelong success of those diagnosed. Quinn at School is based on vignettes that reflect the social challenges (interacting with classmates, greeting teachers, playground politics, art class, library visits, etc.) preschool and kindergarten children with social deficiencies face each school day. Many children, not just those with an autism spectrum disorder, have difficulty initiating or sustaining social contact, and this highly visual picture book helps children do just that, using examples from environments and situations they are familiar with. In addition to being used as a lap book, Quinn at School comes with a free CD that includes the book in a digital PDF format, which allows children to advance the pages on a computer, keeping them highly engaged and making the resource dually effective. For classroom use, the digital format may be converted for use with a Mimio whiteboard or SMART notebook system. A fun poster is included, making this a perfect educational tool.

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