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Title: Families, Schools, and Communities
Author(s): Barbour, Chandler; Barbour, Nita H.
Published: 2001
Copies: 1
Summary: With a new co-author, this introductory book again explores the interconnectedness of children's "circles"?home, school, and community. The authors' unique vision of school improvement advocates teaching strategies and curricula that are not only developmentally and culturally appropriate, but which also enfold each child's family and community into his or her education as equal partners with the school, its teachers, and its administration. Extensive and current demographic information, along with numerous engaging real-life stories, support the authors' position regarding partnerships, by presenting a child's life as a rich panoply of experiences in which learning is constantly taking place, both within and outside of school. Thoroughly up-to-date coverage includes globalization issues, the explosion of media materials, new findings from brain research, and examination of the latest federal and state legislation, including No Child Left Behind. For teachers?especially at the elementary school grade levels, and for anyone who in any way educates and contributes to the educational experience and well-being of children.

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