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Title: Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome
Author(s): VanNiekerk, Clarabelle; Venter, Liezl, MA CCC-SLP
Published: 2006
Copies: 1
Summary: Answering the question Why is Sam different?, this heartwarming story tells of the challenges of living with Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism. This firsthand view of the life of an undiagnosed child presents behaviors and characteristics that are common among children with this disorder. Sam doesn't like his pancakes to touch, his sister is annoyed with his repetitive song, and his new coat hurts his skin, but once he is diagnosed, teamwork-based support helps Sam's life become a little easier. With endearing illustrations, the book includes 10 helpful tips geared toward children, showing them how to respect and accept differences as well as to interact with a classmate or friend with Asperger Syndrome. This book is a great introduction to Aspergers for children and adults. Reading level: ages 4-8

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